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What are my breast pumping rights in California?

If you are currently pregnant, congratulations! There is likely quite a bit on your mind about your life post-baby and how being a new mother will impact returning to work.

If you are choosing to breastfeed your baby, you will need a private place to pump when you are working. What is your employer required to provide in terms of breaks and a space to pump?

Workplace discrimination can unnecessarily halt success

Putting their best efforts forward during their working hours is often a goal of many individuals. They may have personal motivation for wanting to produce quality work, such as potentially obtaining promotions or raises. However, this hard work may seem useless if workplace discrimination prevents workers from excelling simply due to unfair practices.

California residents may be interested in a legal case involving employment discrimination currently underway in another state. Reports stated that the lawsuit covers seven plaintiffs with a fire department who believe that the department discriminates against its black employees. It was noted that a year prior to this lawsuit, a complaint was filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Pregnancy issues: Have California workers faced unfair treatment?

When a family learns that they are expecting a child, the news can often bring about a sense of elation. For some women, however, the news may also cause apprehension as they wonder how their pregnancy may affect their employment. Though employers should not discriminate against expectant mothers, pregnancy issues in the workplace are not altogether uncommon.

California residents may be interest in a study that has examined employers' reactions to news of their employees' pregnancies. The information in the study indicated that employees are more likely to continue working and thriving in the workplace after the births of their children if their employers had a positive reaction to the news. In many cases, positive reactions to take place, and workers are often relieved.

8 women allege sexual harassment from Charlie Rose

Many individuals find themselves in situations that make them uncomfortable. Some of those instances may be relatively innocent but anxiety-inducing nonetheless, and others could be caused by another person's misbehavior. In cases involving sexual harassment, individuals could easily be made to feel frightened and unsafe. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not uncommon.

Numerous California residents have undoubtedly heard of the harassment allegations leveled against various individuals in the entertainment industry. Recently, journalist and TV personality Charlie Rose had such claims brought against him. From the late 1990s up until 2011, Rose committed acts of sexual harassment, according to eight women who have come forward as victims. The women involved were reported as being in the age range of 21 to 37 when the incidents of harassment occurred.

Recognizing pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Discrimination coming from a superior can make anyone feel unworthy, insulted and worried about his or her job. When the discrimination pertains to pregnancy or a maternity-related issue, the feelings you experience can be even more complex and devastating. Are you somehow less important because you are expecting a child? Does the time you miss due to doctors’ appointments or health issues make your job less relevant? What might happen to your position after you take maternity leave? These are questions that cross the mind of many expectant mothers in California after they experience discrimination related to their pregnancies.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against pregnant employees or applicants based on their pregnancies or related issues. Pregnancy discrimination is a form of sex discrimination, but it might be difficult to determine if your employer discriminated against you. The following are some examples of what pregnancy discrimination might look like:

  • A potential employer did not hire you for the sole reason that you are pregnant.
  • You are experiencing complications such as placenta previa and can still work, but you need lighter duties. Instead of adjusting your workload or temporarily reassigning your tasks to someone else, your employer makes frequent comments about how you are inconveniencing the team or you are let go.
  • As your pregnancy progresses and you need to see your doctor more frequently, your employer reprimands you for working fewer hours than your usual schedule.
  • You prepare to return to work after your maternity leave is over and find that your employer terminated you.

Unpaid wages could lead to wage and hour claims

Not receiving proper compensation for services can understandably make many workers feel unsettled. California residents often work hard and put in long hours to gain an income, and losing out on earned money can make life more difficult. When workers know that their employer has not properly compensated them, they may need to take legal action in order to receive that unpaid money through wage and hour claims.

It was recently reported that such an issue took place in another state, and the company involved agreed to pay back wages to affected workers. The report stated that workers for the company carried out duties relating to filling and packaging orders for custom aerosol products. Those workers were often provided by staffing agencies, and the company attempted to use the agency to compensate the workers.

Workplace discrimination can make jobs unnecessarily harder

Most California residents know that it often takes a great deal of hard work in order to achieve success. Many people have goals in mind that they would like to achieve, and they may feel that their efforts have greatly helped them meet many of those goals. However, some parties may have to unnecessarily work harder than other people simply due to workplace discrimination.

One woman in another state faced such hardships on the job, and as a result, she took legal action. It was reported that the woman works as a structural engineer and had to deal with discrimination while trying to carry out her work-related duties. She stated that she had handled such discrimination before and overcame it by working even harder. However, the department against which she filed the lawsuit made her complete unnecessary tasks.

Filing HR report for sexual harassment may not always be enough

Unwanted sexual advances can unfortunately happen in a variety of locations. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, it may feel particularly violating as California employees generally want to feel safe at work. Because most employers want to discourage this type of action, workers may be able to follow certain procedures to report such harassment. However, sometimes filing a complaint is not always enough.

If a place of employment has a human resources department, individuals who wish to file a claim may want to start there. Representatives will usually ask questions about the situation, look into the claims further and follow up. When harassment victims prepare to file their complaints, they may wish to have as much documentation regarding the incident or incidents as possible. Emails, texts, photographs and other similar documents could work as evidence.

What are my rights when it comes to morning sickness?

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it also comes with several fears. Expecting mothers naturally worry about the health of their coming child and their own pregnancy, childbirth and what happens next. For working mothers, pregnancy adds another burden: wondering how the workplace will accept these changes and your upcoming leave of absence.

California workers file wage and hour claims against resort

When employees suffer mistreatment on the job, it could come in various forms. Discrimination, harassment and wage theft are all common injustices that numerous workers face every day. Because the income made often allows individuals to provide for themselves and their families, not being properly compensated for work can seem especially difficult to handle. Luckily, parties may be able to take action through wage and hour claims.

It was recently reported that a class action lawsuit is underway in California due to wage violations. Reports stated that multiple workers at a luxury resort have indicated that their employers require workers to miss breaks, and after missing those breaks, the workers are reportedly then told to doctor the time sheets to make it appear as if they did take their breaks. This falsification results in their employer not having to compensate them for working during those times.

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