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Mental distress may result from workplace discrimination

Many people face struggles on a daily basis simply based on the color of their skin. Unfortunately, many California residents may deal with unjust treatment due to the discriminatory actions of other individuals. When that type of treatment comes as workplace discrimination, the situation could potentially lead to legal action if complaints go unaddressed.

It was recently reported that one man in another state took such steps due to inaction on the part of his employers, following complaints regarding derogatory racial comments. The Jamaican native works in a mental hospital and claimed that co-workers made comments relating to their hatred of black people and that black people needed to "go back to their country." Though the man and other black employees complained to supervisors, the behavior continued.

California workplace discrimination may warrant EEOC involvement

The majority of people hope to have a job that they enjoy and a work environment where they feel that they are treated well. Though numerous California residents certainly have met this goal, there are many other individuals who face unfairness due to workplace discrimination. As a result, they may struggle with their daily duties or to even keep their jobs. 

One man in another state endured such unfair treatment and was terminated from his position after just over a year on the job. Reports stated that the man is African-American, and while working at a water treatment company, his supervisors used racial slurs in reference to him and other black workers. Though the workers filed complaints about the actions of the supervisors, the racially-charged language continued.

Sexual harassment could lead to harmful work environments

Many people have to deal with unfair situations at some point in their lives. When the unfairness relates to employment endeavors, the scenario can seem even more difficult to handle. Unfortunately, many workers face sexual harassment and other negative treatment while on the job, and they often suffer due to inaction from supervisors and other staff.

California residents may be interested in a sexual harassment case that was recently filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Reports stated that a female worker at a fitness establishment was terminated from her position after complaining about unwanted physical contact and comments from a male supervisor. It was also noted that another female worker was apparently subjected to such harassment while on the job at the same establishment. 

Women allege systemic pay, promotion discrimination at Google

Three women have filed a class action lawsuit against Google, claiming that the tech giant has systems in place that ensure systematic pay discrimination against women. They also claim the company routinely thwarts advancement by women by promoting fewer of them and advancing them more slowly.

They allege Google violates the California Equal Pay Act, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, the California Labor Code and other civil rights laws. They are seeking class certification along with back pay with interest, restitution and damages.

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