Protecting Victims Of Race Discrimination

Getting hired, fired or promoted all depend on a variety of factors. Your race or ethnic origin should not play a role in your job status. Race discrimination is illegal under California and federal employment laws.

At Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP in San Francisco, our attorneys have extensive experience helping victims file racial discrimination claims in the Bay Area. Racial discrimination in the workplace can be difficult to address on your own. We can help you understand your rights and explain your legal options all while protecting your best interests.

Our lawyers are skilled litigators who will advocate for your rights. Our knowledge of state and federal employment laws allows us to effectively and efficiently handle every aspect of your case. We will guide you through the process and be there every step of the way.

The Impact Of Racial Discrimination

Race discrimination can come in many different forms and affect your job status, including hiring and firing decisions, promotions and demotions, pay, and your job classification and duties.

Filing a race discrimination claim may help you recover back pay, punitive damages and other compensation along with the potential reinstatement of your job or promotion. Our law firm can evaluate your situation and see what options are available in your specific case.

Do You Have A Case? Contact Us To Find Out.

Do not wait to contact us if you believe you have been a victim of racial discrimination by your employer. Discrimination is a serious employment law violation and employers need to be held accountable for their actions.

We know talking about these very personal issues can be difficult. At our law firm, you will be treated with respect by lawyers who care about protecting you now and in the future. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call us at 415-445-0900 or contact us online.