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California workplace discrimination may warrant EEOC involvement

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination

The majority of people hope to have a job that they enjoy and a work environment where they feel that they are treated well. Though numerous California residents certainly have met this goal, there are many other individuals who face unfairness due to workplace discrimination. As a result, they may struggle with their daily duties or to even keep their jobs.

One man in another state endured such unfair treatment and was terminated from his position after just over a year on the job. Reports stated that the man is African-American, and while working at a water treatment company, his supervisors used racial slurs in reference to him and other black workers. Though the workers filed complaints about the actions of the supervisors, the racially-charged language continued.

The man was reportedly fired from his position with the company due to his complaints. As a result, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on his and the other black workers’ behalves. The EEOC hopes that the company will utilize better practices and provide compensation to the negatively affected workers.

Workplace discrimination can often have detrimental effects on workers, even if they do not necessarily lose their jobs. If California residents feel that they have been mistreated at their places of employment due to race, gender, religion or other factors, they may wish to determine whether legal action may suit their predicaments. Speaking with attorneys experienced with this area of employment law may help concerned parties better understand their options and gain personalized insight and guidance throughout the process.

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