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March 2018 Archives

Do you feel pressured to retire?

For many people, retirement is a natural stage of life. It provides an opportunity for adults who have worked for years to take time off to travel, enjoy their families more or pursue new activities if they want to.

Disabled workers could be at risk of workplace discrimination

Dealing with a medical condition, permanent injury or other disability can make life more difficult for many people. However, having a disability does not mean that an individual is inferior to others, and often, many people with certain conditions can carry out many of the same tasks as able-bodied individuals, though certain accommodations may be necessary. When an employee faces workplace discrimination due to a disability, it can feel unfair and insulting.

Whole Foods face workplace discrimination lawsuit

The idea of being treated differently just because of the color of one's skin may seem absurd, but many people face this type of issue every day. In particular, workplace discrimination can make many people feel as if they must bear the brunt of someone's unfair treatment in order to keep their job. However there are laws that protect workers from having to deal with such mistreatment on the job, and if individuals do face wrongful actions they may have reason to take legal steps.

Officers file legal claims for workplace discrimination

Many people take pride in their heritages and ethnic backgrounds. They may feel a special connection with these aspects of their lives that allow them to gain a greater sense of self. For this and other reasons, individuals can understandably feel attacked when they face workplace discrimination due to their race or other similar factors.

Google facing lawsuit for sexual harassment, discrimination

Being a woman in a male-dominated workplace can have many challenges. Not only do women often feel as if they have to work harder to prove themselves, they may also face mistreatment based on their gender. As most people have learned in recent months, sexual harassment in a serious problem in many industries, and in order to deal with such misconduct, legal action may be necessary.

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