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Google facing lawsuit for sexual harassment, discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

Being a woman in a male-dominated workplace can have many challenges. Not only do women often feel as if they have to work harder to prove themselves, they may also face mistreatment based on their gender. As most people have learned in recent months, sexual harassment in a serious problem in many industries, and in order to deal with such misconduct, legal action may be necessary.

It was recently reported that one woman in California has recently filed a lawsuit against Google after being terminated from her position there. Reports stated that the “bro culture” encouraged within the company made her work there difficult and led to her facing harassment and discrimination on the job. The woman claims that she had to contend with inappropriate comments, physical violence and other mistreatment in relation to her job.

After filing a complaint with the company, her male co-workers reportedly retaliated against her in a manner that made it difficult to successfully do her job. As a result, she was later dismissed from her position on the basis of poor performance. As a result, the woman hopes to seek justice for the sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination through her lawsuit.

When dealing with such difficulties at a place of employment, it is understandable that many people may have a hard time keeping up with their duties, especially when others are purposefully working against them. If other California workers believe that they have faced sexual harassment or other mistreatment on the job, they may wish to consider legal action of their own. Speaking with experienced employment law attorneys may help them better understand their options.

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