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EEOC files suit for sexual harassment at fast food restaurant

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

Having a job can be an enjoyable experience for California residents of any age. Even young children can earn a sense of purpose and accomplishment by being able to help their parents or other adults with certain tasks. However, when older individuals face sexual harassment on the job, their experience may turn from enjoyable to frightening.

It was recently reported that a franchisee of the fast-food restaurant Arby’s is currently facing a lawsuit due to such harassment in another state. Reports stated that multiple female employees were sexually harassed by a male team leader at the location. The female workers’ ages were not given, but they were described as young. The team leader’s age was also not included in the report.

The young employees claim that the team leader made inappropriate remarks, tried to get them to have sexual intercourse with him, made requests for physical touches and even tried following them home. The claim states that the man’s actions were known and that superiors did not take action to address the harassment until one worker was physically injured. Details on the injury and incident were not given in the report. Now, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the female workers.

Sexual harassment is a serious matter, and when individuals feel threatened at their place of employment, work not only becomes dreaded but feared. If managers and other superiors do not take the proper steps to address complaints regarding such action, California victims may want to take further action. As this case shows, legal steps may prove necessary in order to seek justice.

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