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June 2018 Archives

Sexual harassment has no place at work, or elsewhere

When situations become sexually charged, they can often be difficult to navigate. In many cases, the advances or other actions taken are inappropriate or unwanted, and they can make individuals feel uncomfortable. Beyond that, some actions can become so continual and excessive that they could constitute sexual harassment, which is a major issue at places of employment and elsewhere.

Starbucks addresses racial bias during sensitivity training

You may remember an incident a few months ago during which two African American men were arrested at a Starbucks. Their alleged crime? Reportedly, they were only sitting at a table waiting for a friend and had not yet ordered anything. The coffee shop’s manager called law enforcement, who arrived and took the men away in handcuffs. Like other Californians, you may have felt outraged to hear about this egregiously racist treatment of people who didn’t commit any actual crime.

Fired doctor wins lawsuit regarding workplace discrimination

Having a disability affects numerous people in California and other parts of the country. However, this aspect of a person's life does not necessary hold him or her back from being able to lead a typical life, including holding a job. Employers may need to make certain accommodations for workers with disabilities, and in the event of workplace discrimination, employees may need to take legal action.

Pregnancy Discrimination Act offers protections for workers

It is not unusual for most women to be asked when they plan on having children. For some California residents, the answer is never or not soon. Others may happily announce that they are pregnant or planning to conceive soon. Though those in the latter categories may feel excited about pending motherhood, they may have apprehensions about facing unfair treatment on the job due to pregnancy discrimination.

FBI agent fired after filing sexual harassment complaints

Feeling unsafe in the workplace can be a frightening experience. Individuals who have faced sexual harassment may fear that a threat lurks behind every corner as co-workers or supervisors may have carried out the harassing acts. Even if individuals did not act in a harassing manner themselves, they may not have taken action to address or prevent the misbehavior either.

Minimum Wages on the Rise in California

Multiple jurisdictions throughout California have enacted minimum wage laws that require payment of wages greater than those which are required by federal and California state law. Many of these jurisdictions schedule increases to take place on July 1, 2018. Below is a summary of the changes to the minimum wage, effective July 1, 2018.

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