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Sexual harassment has no place at work, or elsewhere

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

When situations become sexually charged, they can often be difficult to navigate. In many cases, the advances or other actions taken are inappropriate or unwanted, and they can make individuals feel uncomfortable. Beyond that, some actions can become so continual and excessive that they could constitute sexual harassment, which is a major issue at places of employment and elsewhere.

California readers may be interested in hearing about a woman in another state who contended with such inappropriate actions for some time. Reports stated that she worked for celebrity chef Mike Isabella and became the highest-ranking woman in his culinary business organization. Despite her success, the woman believes that the work environment accepted contempt for women and remained hostile due to the sexual misconduct that occurred.

Due to the actions she faced, the woman has filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment against Isabella and his business partners. She stated that she endured unwanted touching, sexual remarks, insults, rumors and inappropriate sexual advances. After one incident in which the woman alleges that Isabella suggested that another chef have intercourse with her, the woman left the restaurant where she was working. Isabella reportedly demanded that she return and then fired her.

Having to work in conditions such as these can be taxing at best and traumatizing at worst. Whenever sexual harassment takes place at work, affected individuals may want to understand what steps they can take to have the situation addressed. If supervisors or other appropriate parties do not take steps to handle complaints, workers may need to speak with California attorneys regarding their legal options.