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Discrimination against “Independent Contractors”

| Jan 29, 2019 | Pregnancy Issues

I read this article about pregnancy discrimination (I Was Fired for Being Pregnant – Yes, Really) the other day on the internet and I thought it was unfortunate that the author did not consult with us.  Many times employers misclassify employees as independent contractors – hence all the anti-discirmination laws that apply to employees may have applied to her.  Yet even if she was properly classified as an independent contractor, there are many other laws that apply to discrimination in the formation and performance of contractual relationships that may have let her recover for the loss of her work.  We have successfully represented many employees/independent contractors in pregnancy discrimination cases, and her case has the makings of particularly potent case.

Additionally, it is worth watching the “related video” that appears after the article regarding the woman terminated by text message.  Many cases of pregnancy discrimination involve such outrageous conduct as a manager texting a pregnant woman to inform her that she is terminated.  In fact, bad actors often send text messages to say things that they would not otherwise write and can be particularly valuable evidence of discrimination.

If something like this happens to you, you should give us a call to discuss.