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Fighting Race Discrimination In The Workplace

You deserve a peaceful, safe and fair working environment, free from discrimination and harassment of every kind. However, it is far too common for people to experience workplace harassment as a result of race, religion and national origin. This is a serious issue and you have rights – let us help you protect those rights.

The attorneys at Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP stand up for California workers. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect at work. Victims of harassment can file lawsuits against their employers — and our lawyers can help them every step of the way.

A Proven Ally For Workers Of All Backgrounds

Nobody should have to endure discrimination or harassment in the workplace. While California’s laws offer extensive protections for all workers, many employers still allow or sometimes even propagate harassment and discrimination toward employees based on race, religion or national origin. At Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP, we hold employers accountable and fight for the rights of workers in the Bay Area and throughout the state.

Harassment and discrimination come in many forms. You may have been denied a promotion due to your ethnicity. Another coworker may have made comments about someone’s background or religion. No matter the situation, if you feel unsafe or targeted in your workplace due to your race or background, our attorneys will fight zealously to uphold your rights.

One-On-One Support Every Step Of The Way

We understand the stress you may be under. Filing a claim against an employer, especially a large employer, can be overwhelming for the average Californian. We have the experience it takes to fight for any case, and will work personally with you throughout your case to ensure you are treated fairly.

Learn more about your rights and options during a free initial consultation. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you determine the best path forward. Call our San Francisco office at 415-445-0900 or reach out online to get started.