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Do You Have An Age Discrimination Claim?

Your age may play a bigger factor on the job than you realize. You are protected by state and federal laws from being discriminated against because of your age. Even though there are laws to protect employees from discrimination, it still happens.

Our attorneys at Le Clerc & Le Clerc LLP in San Francisco have experience representing victims of age discrimination. We understand the complex issues associated with discrimination claims, and we can help you take legal action against your employer for violating your employee rights.

Signs Of Age Discrimination And Your Rights

Age discrimination claims can be complicated due to the nature of these claims. In many cases, employers show subtle signs of discrimination against an employee because of his or her age. Even subtle factors can later show evidence of bias by your employer and help us show proof of discriminatory intent in some cases.

Our law firm has experience handling age-related issues in the workplace, and we will look at the situation from a different perspective to see if a violation occurred. Whether your employer has shown subtle or more overt signs of age discrimination, you have the right to pursue legal action against your employer. Age discrimination claims can stem from the following:

  • Being fired or replaced by younger workers
  • Not being considered for a promotion
  • Being demoted or given a change of job duties
  • Being harassed or teased
  • Our knowledge of employment laws in California helps us carefully evaluate your situation to determine the best steps to take in your case.

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If you believe you have been the victim of age discrimination, contact our lawyers today. We will help you understand your rights under state and federal laws, and we will work hard to protect your future by holding your employer accountable for his or her actions. Call our law firm today at 415-445-0900 or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation.